The Weekend Commeth

August 11, 2006

So for the first time in a while Tony and I actually have a whole weekend off together. I’m soooo excited. We’re having breakfast with my Aunt Marge on Saturday and then going Kyaking! It’s rained a lot this week so the Fox should have water in it for a change. I don’t know how anything that is usually only 5 inches deep can be called a river. Just because it goes on for miles and miles. There should be another name for it than river. Maybe ribbon. Yeah, I know that sounds stupid, but it is befitting – its long and thin.

Then on Sunday after church and laundry – it can’t all be fun and games – we’re probably going to see John Tucker Must Die! Yes, I am aware that this is a teeny bopper movie, but frankly, those are among my favorites. They’re like watching characatures in motion. And as long as they aren’t too sappy or too disgusting, they are usually a lot of fun. For instance, we just rented She’s the Man. For those of you who turned your nose up at this movie, it’s an adaptation of Shakespears 12th Night. It was hilarious. Funny in a different way than Clerks II, which I highly recommend, but just as funny.

Why is it that weekends are never relaxing? Easy, you’re trying to LIVE in two days time and get caught up on the housework.


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