The Things We Miss

June 27, 2006

I took an hour out of my work day (evening) to run to the pharmacy to pick up a perscription. While I was out, it began to rain gently. It was one of those soft rains that you can barely feel because the tempature matches the air and it’s falling so softly. The sun had finally burned some holes in the clouds that had been hanging around all day, but still the rain was falling. I turned a corner in my car and witnessed the largest rainbow I’ve seen in years. It started in one corner of the world and arced across the entire sky to land on the other corner. It litterally took my breath away. I had to stop to try to capture it on my camera phone but the results were sorely dissapointing. Rainbows are one of those fleeting things that must be enjoyed as they are occurring. They aren’t meant to be caged on the frame of a picture to be pulled out at your convenience.

The rainbow wasn’t to be my only pleasure driving back to work however. As I skirted along the river on my left, the sun backlit the green foilage to make it glow against the still grey sky sporting it’s rainbow on my right. The foilage broke and the sun casts long shadows across the houses that lined the street. It was one of those rare moments when the sun catches the scene and makes long faded colors pop where they are lit – a stark contrast to the deepening shadows. Textures were so tangable my fingers could feel them without touching.

Nights like these, amazing sunsets against partially cloudy skys, or foggy mornings that become increasingly vibrant as the sun burns off the moisture are pleasures that we often miss because we are either sleeping in, or in for the evening. It’s sad that we’ve chosen to spend so much of our time indoors when God is putting on a spectacular show outside. This summer, don’t miss nature.

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