The Price of a House Wife

February 14, 2006

I saw this ad for a housekeeper in the Chicago Sun Times. My first thought was, I do all this at home, I could certainly do this for money. That is until I saw how little money they want to pay the person who is going to play Donna Reed to them. Then, my only thought was, you have to be f***ing kidding me. Granted, I do that for free at home, but I would expect slightly more than minimum wage to do this for people I don’t love and a house I don’t have the right to take pride in. I could get a job at McDonald’s making more than what these people are paying. I’d probably get more respect too.

Housekeeper, Temporary Full-Time Position. March 31, 2006 to March 30, 2007 in Schaumburg, IL. Perform any combination of following duties to maintain private home clean and orderly, to cook and serve meals and to render personal services to family members; plan and purchase foodstuff and household supplies. Prepare and cook vegetables, meats and other foods according to employer’s instructions or following own methods. Serves meals and refreshments. Washes dishes and cleans silverware. Oversees activities of children, assisting them with dressing and bathing. Cleans furnishings, floors, windows, using vacuum cleaner and mops, brooms, cloths and cleaning solutions. Changes linens and makes beds. Washes linens and other garments by hand or machine, and mends and irons clothing, linen and other household articles, using hand iron or electric ironer. Rqmnts: 3mos exp. in job offered or any domestic service position. 40hrs/wk., 9am-5pm, $6.97/hr.


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