The good, the bad and the deceased

September 1, 2006

So happy golden birthday to me. My birthday was the 28th of August (veignt y ocho de agusto) and this is the year I turn 28. Hence, golden b-day.

Last Monday was okay. I got some birthday cards, my mom didn’t forget to call me this year. I didn’t forget to call my grandma this year (who also shares my b-day) and other good things happened. Yeah me. Also, my wonderful, loving, fantastic husband is taking me on a dinner cruise tomarrow to celebrate my birthday. There will be dinner and dancing and an amazing view of the Chicago skyline at night. I am truely excited and can’t wait.
The rest of the week however, has been a complete crapshoot. As usual, work sucks. And not just the paper. The school was full of argumentative idiots that simply wear on your nerves after a while.

At the paper, we started using a new program and that hates my guts and has resulted in me receiving phone calls at home. I hate phone calls at home because they often mean a trip all the way back to Aurora (1 hour away) as I’ve complained about in previous blogs. If I don’t make the trip, it might mean a lecture of titanic proportions from my boss. This happened Thursday night. I choose not to return, I left my boss a voicemail defending why I didn’t return that had a lot to do with “I don’t know how to fix it and I wouldn’t make it before deadline anyways” and nothing to do with “I just don’t want to”. Nonetheless, I worried myself sick about it all night and all day. My boss, in a stunning upset, handled it quite amazingly. Instead of yelling, she came over and we actually discussed the problem calmly and rationally.

Other crappy things, in a five minute time period I lost my debit card at 10:30 at night. I had a panic attack imagining someone draining my entire bank account dry before morning since those damn things can be used without a signiture and without a pin number. Talk about terror. Thank God and Harris Bank, when I called the 1-800 number there was a link to a real live person that I was able to recount my tail of woe to and she cancled my card immediatly. No damage done, just a few more years off my life.

But the cap to the week is the worst and firmly plants me in the catagory of murderer. I hit and killed (UNINTENTIONALLY) my first wild animal. It was a racoon that came out of no where on an unlit road and despite my best efforts to slam on the brakes and swerve, there was a horrible thump, thump nonetheless. I felt sick. I still do.

So there you have it. It made me wonder, if events seem amplified around our birthdays because we’ve built a false illusion that birthday time should be perfect. The world should be full of sunshine and rainbows just because on this day, we honored the world with our presence. Let’s be honest. Bad stuff doesn’t happen because it’s our birthday. It sticks out because it’s our birthday.

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