The Deed is Done!

May 30, 2006

Just an update for all of you. I am now officially married. Well, I will be when the paperwork is filed and finished.

We had the ceremony on Saturday, May 27, 2006. For all my worrying and kevething (sp?) everything turned out beautifully. I don’t know how the pictures will look, but I felt good about the way the dress looked. All my girls were beautiful and all my guys were damn sexy in their zoot suits! My makeup went on better than it ever has and my hair looked really, really good! The ceremony was beautiful, with only a tiny glitch in the music. They ran out of song before all the bridesmaids made it down the aisle. Oh well. Tony had tears in his eyes while I was a pillar of calm and strength. That is until we got to the vows. Then I started choking up pretty bad. His mom and sister held up pretty good until they saw him start to tear up which made them start to tear up. But it all worked out so wonderfully. It was a day I will truely always cherish.
My maid of honor had her good friend take pictures for us, so when I get them developed, I’ll be posting them on the site.

Then on to the reception. It was a blast! The hall looked so pretty. The family had helped me decorate on Friday and it came out even better than I had envisioned. The DJ was awesome! (Thank you Solid Gold Sound! little plug for them). We danced and danced and danced. We all danced, even my parents. It was so great to see them having a good time. I even danced to the Time Warp by myself until I started dragging people up onto the dance floor with me!
My cousin did a fantastic job on the catering! (Thank you At Home Catering) The pork was moist, the Moscicholi was tasty, the potatos were buttery. Mmmmm. And there was a huge amount of food left over. Thank you Lord that the homeless shelter was willing to accept donations of food. And we didn’t end up with ANY cake left because I grabbed the mike as they were getting ready to leave and said “PLEASE, please, please take cake with you!” and they did! But we left the cake top in the hall fridge, so I guess we don’t have to store the cake in the freezer for a year! (hee, hee!)

I don’t feel married yet. Maybe once I start officially signing everything as Stephenie Domenico that will help. It’s still weird to see that in writing. Like it’s someone else name. But thanks to everyone for all the good wishes. Love to all.


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