The Anomaly

August 3, 2006

Have you ever considered the anomaly that is cereal? This occurred to me this morning as I was eating a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats.

When we eat cereal, we pour milk over it. No big secret there. But it has to be milk. It cant be orange juice or water or even melted ice cream (trust me, Ive tried). It has to be milk. And it has to be a LOT of milk. Enough to cover all the cereal. Even if we dont like milk all that much, it has to be this amount of milk.

And after weve poured our milk on the cereal, we mix the cereal around really good to make sure that every piece of cereal is coated with milk. Then we eat it as fast as we can to make sure that all those covered pieces of cereal dont get soggy. Why arent we just eating the cereal dry and drinking a glass of milk on the side? Wouldnt it be the same effect? But it isnt! Thats what make it an anomaly! Okay, maybe thats stretching things a little to call cereal an anomaly, but it is certainly a strange creature.

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