Thank you…

October 25, 2006

Why is it so hard to say a simple “thank you” to someone you don’t like, even if that someone just saved your butt at work? You would think, that the fact that you just avoided a major row with your boss that would have surely included tears and gnashing of teach would leave you prostrate with graditude. But no. You don’t really like the person who just saved you, and not only do you not want to say thank you, but your actually wondering what the hell they were doing in your business in the first place. But you know that pretending that they did nothing or worse, getting indignant about it, is not only wrong but slimy of you. So instead, you force yourself to say thank you, but it comes out sounding lame and forced because, well lets face facts, it was forced and you could barely even unclench you jaw enough to mutter the words. Gawd! Humans are such dispicable creatures! And yes, I am including myself in that classification!

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