Sucker at heart

June 19, 2006

Well, we all knew it, but this just finalizes the whole thing. I’m a big sucker! I now have three cats – TEMPORARILY. One of my co-workers brought in two tiny kittens on Friday that she’d found in her yard – no mamma. Her dogs were considering turning them into snack food so she couldn’t keep them. One of my other co-workers friend had been in the market for a new baby and he came and took one of them right away. Well, the little gray one was now not only in a strange place without his mamma, but he had just lost his only sibling too. He cried. My heart broke. He went home with me. But I’m searching for a home for him. He’s a long haired gray black and white tabby with a white belly. We’re calling him Gary after the snail on Sponge Bob Square Pants.

He is quite the ballsy little guy. Our two kids were hissing up a storm when I brought him in on Friday night. We’re keeping him in a pet carrier when where not home for his own protection but I’m not sure he needs it. He’ll walk right into the midst of them. Sammy will hiss, Eddie will hiss and Gary will hiss right back at them and the two bigger cats will run away. It’s hysterical since he fits in the palm of my hand and Sammy weighs at least 16 lbs.

Eddie has started to accept his presence. I even caught him pinning the little guy down and cleaning his face. It’s funny how it’s taken him more than 24 hours to realize he’s bigger than the kitten. Even so however, if Gary goes into his carrier and Eddie sticks his head in there, Gary will back him out of the cage and halfway across the room before he remembers he’s bigger. Its too cute to watch this little fur ball on tiptoes, with tail strait in the air stalking something four times his size.

He’s come along quite quickly too. When I first brought him home he was spitting and hissing everytime we go to pick him up. Now he turns on the purrer right away.
If it sounds like I’m in love, it’s because I am. But that doesn’t mean he can stay. We’re in an apartment after all. So if anyone in Northern Illinois is reading this and would like to meet Gary for the possability of giving him a loving home, please let me know. He’s a special kitty who deserves the best.


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