Sub Species

June 7, 2006

My bosses husband has started working at a wharehouse in a not so good part of Chicago. Yesterday, he pointed to an object under one of the tables and asked “if that a cat, or a rat?” The animal was over a foot in length and weighed more than 10 pounds. His supervisor, just as calm as you please, said “that’s a rat. Time to get the exterminator in I guess”.

This is the reason that there are signs in major cities that say “Please don’t feed the animals.” It’s not because they are concerned with them becoming domesticated. It’s because they are concerned with them learning to walk upright and taking over the major buisness quarters. It’s just not right that an animal, who by natures standards should only be 3 or 4 inches tops, can grow to be the size of a Voltswagen.

I’ve heard that Chicago is way better than New York about such things. My next question is, why would I want to visit New York?

Seriously though, the whole story remined me of that classic movie “Adventures in Babysitting” where the girl with the glasses is in the bus station. “Oh look at the poor little kitten! Here kitty kitty!”… “Lady, that ain’t no cat! That’s a rat!”

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