Pirates 3

June 24, 2007

So I kept hearing that Pirates 3 is so great. People kept saying that this is the best Pirates movie yet. I was completely psyched. The previews looked amazing. I was so excited to go see it.
I’m confused. Did I see the same movie as everyone else? I mean, the woman behind us confessed that this was like the sixth time she’d seen it. It was good. It wasn’t great. There were some parts that really drug. The three hours did NOT fly by.

The ship battle at the end was great. Otherwise it was a fairly calm movie. Oh yeah. There was a decet battle in Singapore at the beginning of the movie.

So what else did it have? Well, I will say that it filled a lot of gaps. They filled every hole in the story lines including things I hadn’t even realized I needed to know. But the action was seriously lacking. So this was NOT, in my opinion, the best Pirates movie. I will reserve that honor for the first one.


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