Other People’s Mail

October 20, 2006

Okay, so two blogs in one day. What can I say except I have a lot to say.

When I got home today there were two cards in the mail. Neither was addressed to me. Or to Tony. No one else who should be receiving mail lives at our address (the cats don’t count). They were addressed to someone named Carolyn Mitchell from someone named J. Mitchell. We receive a fair amount of junk mail for 5 or 6 former residents. Never received anything for Carolyn though. It was definetly our address written on both envelopes though.

I’ve sent cards to people before and they never received them. Wrong address. I guess thats why I felt compelled to open them. It’s not like the return address wasn’t on the envelope. I could have simply returned to sender. Maybe curiosity got the better of me. Whatever, I was rude and I opened this Carolyn’s mail. It was kind of heartbreaking actually. This guy said he wanted to see her and he’d be across the street from the wetherbes on the following dates and could she please call him or stop over and see him.

Well, that kind of creeped me out seeing as how not only was I a former Wetherbe, but he even spelled it right. NO one spells my maiden name right. They all throw an “a” in there.
Well, my curiousity was at an all time high now. I had to open the other card. This one had $5 bucks in it. It was a holloween card and said he hoped she had a spooky halloween and to buy herself some candy like he used to do when she was younger.
My heart was aching for this poor guy now. I’m imagining someone with a broken heart, being over taken by nostalgia, trying despratly to reconnect with his one true love. Probably a bit extreme, but I’m a romantic at heart.

I told Tony we needed to call him and tell him that Carolyn didn’t live here anymore. So we did. The guy got a bit angry and said he knew she was there, how else did we have the number. Well, Tony said, we opened your mail and we’re planning on mailing it back. The guy said he was going to drive past the house. He knew he had the right address.

Well, he stopped by and Tony gave him back the cards. I’d already put them in an envelope to mail them back. The guy had been looking for Steven Wetherbe’s address in the phone book, and had copied down our address by mistake. Turns out the other Steven Wetherbe, not my dad, lives a block away.

So that’s my adventures with opening other peoples mail. And I think I may have been right. That the guy is trying to reconnect with a lost love. So, opening others mail was wrong, but maybe, at least I like to believe, it’ll all work out for this guy in the long run.
Yes, I am a sap. Get over it.

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