my dad, my family

January 19, 2006

I am once again in Missouri visiting my family. For a wierd change of pace though, my two sisters are here as well. All of us in the same house again – and not a quiet one in the bunch.
We’ve all convened for my dad’s first surgery (and hopefully last for years to come). He had to have a hip replaced. My dad’s never been sick and it had us all a little worried. He of course pulled through with flying colors. In fact, he hasn’t even used the morphine button once. He claims he’s just achy. Some people and their high pain tolorances make the rest of us look bad. I always say, “the more phine, the better.”

These last two days have been a real eye opener were family is concerned though. I always thought that these close, loud familys who are in everyone business that you read about in books or see on TV were the polar opposite of my family. We’re all spread over the country and none of us talk to each other. We get the family news from mom. But last night we were all loud and knew everyone’s stories and, well, we were one of those families. I had no idea. You’re probably thinking “so what?” But to me this is major thing because I ‘ve always felt so disconnected from my siblings. It came as a shock to know that we have so much in common as adults – besides relatives

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