"It’s life captain, but not as we know it."

February 22, 2006

The state of this nation (ie: me). I’m sick again. Big shock. I went to Missouri over President’s Day weekend because my mom was throwing me a bridal shower down there. Unfortunetly, my dad was sick and gave it to my mom who gave it to Tony who gave it to me. I did however receive some lovely gifts that I need to get Thank You notes written for just as soon as I become human again.

On the work front, starting February 15 and ending February 28, everyone was given the option of taking a buyout. The company has to reduce 300 jobs and it’s trying to get the numbers down this way before they start laying off people. The plan is 3 weeks of pay for every year you’ve worked with the company vs. the severence package of two weeks of pay for every year. I’ve decided to take my chances and stick it out, hoping that I won’t be laid off, but putting out resumes none the less.

I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that I won’t be making it two the 10 year reunion. This sucks because I actually was looking forward to seeing people, despite my promise to myself to be a smaller dress size than when we all attended school together. The cost of airfare in addition to a motel room, a rental car and the price of tickets would equal a full fledged vacation, which, on top of a wedding just isn’t do-able.

On the Stella (car) front, I just had a new altinator and radiator put in. Thank God for tax returns. Now we just need new plugs and wires for Yohan, Tony’s truck. Vehicles are the black hole of the universe.

On an upbeat note, I finally finished The Dress. And it doesn’t look too bad at all if you ask me. I have a picture of Tony and I from Christmas that I’m going to post just as soon as I find it, so watch the photo page for new ones.


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