Home Hunting

So your thinking of buying a home. Okay, well, not seriously buying a home. I mean, if you were serious, you’d have contacted a realtor, right? But you would like to know what the market looks like, what kind of homes are for sale, and pictures of them. You definitely want to see pictures. And a map. Yeah. You need to know where these houses are located so you know how far it is from your job, a grocery store, the mall, etc. But nothing serious. After all, your just looking.

What you really need is a web site that offers not only pictures and a map, but information too. Not just the realtor’s blub “Beautiful 2 bedroom near parks. Real Potential!” You need useful information. The kind of info that realtors have access to. Room size, taxes, school districts. That’s the kind of information you need. But you don’t want to call a realtor. You’re not that serious yet. So instead, maybe you should check out ZipRealty.com.

The web address is http://www.ziprealty.com/. You’ll have to sign up to view the homes on there, but this doesn’t mean divulging any information more threatening than an email address, home address and phone number. What website these days doesn’t require that? In exchange you can search by town, zip, multiple towns, and house specifics like lot size, bedrooms, bathrooms, architectural style. If your not ready to get that detailed, just enter the main town your looking at and maybe a few of the surrounding towns, and put in a price range. They have listings of everything from land to single family, double family, condos and farms. But what truly makes this website stand out is the details included with each home.
When you click on a home to view more info you’ll get a picture and address; the realtor’s blurb; square footage; number of rooms with room sizes; exterior features like garages, carports, patios and lot size; all the utilites (cooling, heating, water & sewer details); taxes; school district info; a map; a satalite shot; the number of homes that have been sold in the area; driving directions and neighborhood info.

Additionally, you can save searches that have been specialized, and if you’re really serious about keeping your eye on the market, they will email you every time a new listing comes up that fits your preferences.

This is the best real estate web site I’ve used because of its detailed information and because it has everything that you would get from an MLS (Multiple Services Listing), only better since it doesn’t cater to any particular realtor. It covers them all.

If you choose to sign up with ZipRealty.com you will get a phone call the very next day checking to see if you need any help in your search. If you’re not interested in help, but rather “just looking”, all you have to do is let them know. They aren’t pushy and they seem to understand the concept of the phrase. I keep getting the emails, but not the phone calls and that’s all I’m looking for. I like to know what’s selling in my price range, but for now, I’m still “Just Looking.”


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