Fried Brain

August 1, 2006

So, I was bad. I didn’t study my Spanish all weekend which means that yesterday and today (hoy) I’ve been craming to get caught up to where I should be before my next lesson. I realized today that my brain was officially fried when I kept wanting to translate “I” to “Je” instead of “Yo” or “estoy”. For those of you who don’t know, I took two years of French in H.S. which is where the “Je” is coming into play. I don’t remember much of my French unfortunetly. Just enough to apparently screw me up! Je suis muy fustrated! There. There’s a small sample of my brain. A little Fren-Spanglish for you. Sorry if that’s in any way politically incorrect.
On the bright side, I’ve discovered a Spanglish radio station. They’ll be speaking Spanish. “Spanish, spanish spanish, that’s totally awesome, spanish, spanish spanish.” or “spanish, spanish, spanish, call now, la calle” (That’s the name of the station.) Some songs are in spanish, some are in english. It’s very fun to listen to. A true experience. And I’m actually starting to recognize a word here and there in the commercials, which is a relief, because I was sure I’d end up being able to read it, but not pronounce or understand a word of it. C’est la vie!


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