Freedom of Expression

August 26, 2006

In a world where your every word is constantly scrutinized and your freedom of expression doesn’t exist, I’m going out on a limb and expressing myself.

I know of a person who recently got in trouble with her job for saying the exact same thing that I’m about to say. She posted to her MySpace site “I hate my job”. And I second her opinion. I HATE MY JOB!!!! She actually got called in by her boss and asked why she would post such a thing. My question is, what was her boss doing reading her MySpace page?

There are schools in Illinois that are stalking students and using what a student writes against them, claiming it’s violation of the school’s code of conduct. I’m not certain how this can be fought since those under the age of 18 have very few rights as US citizens. But as someone over the age of 18, I dare my place of employment to call me on the carpet for the same thing. I have every right to have negative feelings for a place that often calls me after midnight and expects me to drive an hour each way to fix a problem that will take five minutes. There are ways they could eleviate this, so that I wouldn’t have to drive as far, wasted as much gas and time, and keep everyone waiting, but it hasn’t happened yet. So I am going to use my site, to express myself and vehemetly say I HATE MY JOB! I HATE MY JOB! I HATE MY JOB! and the midnight phone calls are only part of the reason why. But quite frankly I’m too tired to go into the rest of it since I wasted so much emotional and physical energy earlier this evening fighting the illogical and the just plain dumb. For now, I’m dead tired and I just want to go to bed.

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