Fluff for brains

December 29, 2005

I slammed into a horrifying realization this morning – I’ve allowed my brain to turn to fluff. At some point I quit pursuing the more challanging aspects of life. I fell into the malaise of reading only for entertainment purposes – ie romance and death. I’ve always studiously avoided the news because it’s so depressing, but I now have fewer opinions than ever about, well, pretty much anything.
It’s not important what gave me this wake up call. What is important is that it came and was confirmed when I brought it up to Tony. There was time we had some pretty deep disscussions. He continues to share his brain with me, but lately it’s been more like lessons and less like a discussion as I have only oppinions to offer, no real knowledge. I feel horrible for allowing myself to become this glob of goo since I know that my brain used to be one of the things he was attracted to. Not that the romance is dead, but you understand where I’m going with this. If we fail to stimulate our significant others with our intellect then we only have the physical to rely on for stimulation. And that will eventually dwindle and die. But lets go beyond romance. Without your intellect, what do you have to stimulate conversation with your friends, aquaintances, hell, total stangers? The last thing I want to become is one of those people that everyone else feels the need to explain things to or worse, ignore because you figure they’re too dumb to join in the conversation in the first place.
It is for all of the above reasons that I have decided to start overhauling my brain. It is only coincidental that the timing falls on the eve of a New Year. Believe me, I don’t buy into the whole resolution thing. Saying a change is a New Year’s resolution makes it too easy to discard come February when the going gets tough. But that’s a whole other topic.
To begin my brain overhaul, I wondered where I should begin. There is a lot of topics to cover, to have knowledge of. Should I focus on the news? or perhaps a more specific topic. It was by pure chance that a book called Myth Information jumped out at me from my bookshelf. It’s an interesting little facttoid book about how commonly percieved pieces of information are wrong and what their origins or facts actually are. I could tell in the Intro that the author dearly wants to debunk the basis of religios beliefs, but he’s sticking with general folklore in this edition. Reading his thesis (for lack of a better word) got my argument juices flowing again though. It’s long overdue. I haven’t had a really good argument in a long time and I’m wise enough in my old age not to enter an argument without knowing what I’m talking about. Looks like I have a lot of work cut out for me. Happy New Year all.


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