June 20, 2006

We’ve all heard it was coming. But I saw it with my own two eyes today. Two of our students came in for testing decked out in head to toe 1980’s clothes. I feel like I’m watching reruns of Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club. Bri even tells me that legwarmers are all the rage in Florida. Florida of all places! You’re legs don’t need warmers anywhere in the US in June but in Florida you’re just asking to strike yourself dead with heat stroke.
Listen up kids. The eighties were fun when they were here. But we all have pictures of what we looked like and lets face it. The fun is in laughing at those styles. Not in reliving them. So please – DON’T buy the dangly earings and don’t revert. And FYI – Mohawks weren’t even attractive the first time around.


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