Faking It

April 17, 2006

My (soon-to-be) sister-in-law Laurie and her friends went to Vegas to see the Cubs play the Yankees during Spring Training. During the first game, all of the girls are talking about the players in a very familiar manner (ie, by their first name and the way they play, etc) because they are all baseball fanatics. One of the woman in front of them turns around very shyly and says “Are you guys the players wives?” Obviously, they set the young lady straight, but that had definetly tickeled their funny bone. The second night, a rather drunk Yankees fan stops by the group and proceeds to try to pick up a few of the girls. One of them who is married and has a diamond ring the size of a doorknob, was sitting in a way it was hard to miss that she was married. To discourage the drunk fan from further come ons, she pointed to second base and said “Do you see that player? That’s my husband and he gets VERY jealous of men talking to me in the stands, so, if you wouldn’t mind…” “Oh, oh, I’m very sorry” says the drunken man. He goes back to his (also drunk) friends and is pointing and whispering (in the drunk whisper that can be heard for miles around) “See that woman? She says she’s Todd Walker’s wife!” There is much “whispered” speculation and discussion. Finally one of the guys calls out “Hey Mrs. Walker!” Without missing a beat, the girl turned around. “Yes?” Well, needless to say, for the rest of the night she was Mrs. Todd Walker.

Very funny. If I had tried a stunt like that, I totally would have been busted!

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