Enter at your own risk

December 4, 2006

I had an ephipany this afternoon. I’m not having a bad luck streak – I’ve been cursed. I wouldn’t get to close to me as I might be struck by lightning at any moment.

On top of all the other dissappointments and crappy things that have happened to me in the past three days, my luck is not getting any better. Today, on my way to work, driving my aunts car as mine still won’t start, I saw a cute house for sale. I can’t resist being nosey about the real estate market, so I pulled over to grab one of the flyers to see how much the house was going for. I left the motor running and as soon as I shut the door, it re-locked itself. Here I am, on my way to work, with hot food in the car and a 1/4 tank of gas and the car is running and I can’t get in. Oh, did I mention I was already in Aurora, 20 miles away from my aunt and the spare key? I walked two blocks to a local bar and borrowed their phone to call a locksmith. $45 later and having made a total fool of myself infront of a bar full of people because I couldn’t stop bawling, I’m back in the car and on my way to work. I have officially passed three bad things. Now I’m just waiting for the bus that’s certain to mow me down at any moment because contrary to popular belief, it just keeps getting worse.


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