Easter Approacheth

March 27, 2007

For Easter this year, we’re all going out to dinner at Prarie Bluff Golf Course. This is a very nice establishment, but it will be the first Easter I’ve not had home cooked. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Actually I am, I’m less than thrilled, but I’m holding my peace. I’m not the one who has to do all the cooking and getting the house ready, etc., so it’s not my place to rail against the decision. When I have a house big enough to accomodate a kitchen table, then I will gladly take over this task, but in the meantime, I live in a shoebox.
I decided tonight however, that I would make a concession to having to eat out on Easter. I’m going to make a cake. But not just any cake. I’m going to make a Bunny cake.
I know. I know. This seem like a reverse of my position. But it’s not. I still hold that Lamb cake is wrong – symbolicly and otherwise. Bunny cake, however, is not religious, and this particular cake is cute, which makes a huge diffrence to me. And I’m going to break away from the whole religious thing by bringing died eggs too. Jesus would be so proud. Not. But then again, at least I’m not slicing and dicing a LAMB (ahem, lamb of God, for those who might be in the dark).
Happy Easter All. May your day be family filled and bunny plentiful.

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