Amusement for everyone else

June 16, 2007

So I had an interview Monday on my lunch hour for a part time job at Icing at the mall. I re-arranged my schedule and was a half hour late getting back from lunch, but the interview felt like it went okay. At the end I was told there was an internet “survey” I needed to complete before a decision could be made, so to wait a couple of hours, do it and then call back.
Well, when I got back to work I had a lot of catch up to do, so I didn’t get to the survey until after I got home. This survey turned out to be a personality test. A really stupid personality test. All of the questions were of the black & white answer variety. Ex: If you knew a relative was stealing from their company would you turn them into their boss? Yes, or No. Seriously, who is going to turn a family member in without first trying to get them some help?!?!? Or my favorite question, “Sally has worked at a store for a year. One day when Sally was on her way to lunch a customer stopped her for help. Sally refused to help the customer saying she was on her way to lunch. The manager of the store saw this and fired Sally. Should Sally have been fired? Definetly yes, Probably yes, Probably no, or Definetly no.” Seriously.

So, I started out trying to answer the quiz the way I knew they wanted me to, but by about the 30th question of this variety “If a large wharehouse sent you $1 of merchandise over what you ordered, would you go to the time and expense to return the item? Yes, or No” I couldn’t take it anymore and I started answering more truthfully, while still holding my true feelings in to myself.

When I was done, I called the store and left a message because by this time, the manager had gone home. I waited until about 2 the next day to call back. I said “I had called last night, but you’d already gone home for the day and I just wanted to check in.” Her response: “I got your message.” That was all she said, but the tone of voice in which it was conveyed offered an entire message of it’s own. “I got your results and not only did you flunk, but if I ever catch you in my store again, I will call security on you.” At least that’s what I heard. I don’t think I was too far off base since It’s now Saturday (5 days later) and I still haven’t heard back yet. Well, I was warned, the store has a ZERO TOLLERANCE policy.

But, the moral of the story: Even a girl who has been told her whole life that she is nice, can flunk a personality test. 😕

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