December 7, 2005

Tony and I started our first ever Christmas tradition yesterday. We both took the day off of work to bake cookies together. Like any good tradition, this one started off with a rip roaring good story. What’s tradition without stories?
I bet your thinking I’m going to tell you all a cute story of a botched recipe; and believe me, I have one of those as well, though I wouldn’t classify it necessarily as cute. Instead, I’m going to share my tail of… but never mind, that would ruin the surprise.
So, Tuesday, December 6, 2005. We wake to a ridiculously cold winter day with actual snow falling. How festive! What more perfect kind of day is there to avoid going out of door on. We go downstairs and I decide that a pot of coffee would be a lovely way to start the day. We haven’t made coffee since Sunday because really, who has time on a week day morning. Anyway, I pull out the coffee pot, gasp in horror, throw the thing back onto the coffeemaker and leap across the room. Supporting myself on the stove I point a shaky finger at the offending coffeepot. “Just LOOK in that thing!” I inform Tony. He pulls out the pot and says “Oh my god!” and mimics my move from a moment ago. We look at each other in horror and hysteria sets in as we both fall on the floor laughing so hard tears come to our eyes. Floating feet up in a forth of a pot of coffee is a dead mouse. “How the hell did he get in there?” I ask. “I don’t know, but now we know what the cats have been yelling about in the kitchen” he says.
It’s true. We have two cats, neither of which was able to catch a mouse. But as Don, our roommate said, this way was much more humane. At least this way the mouse died, not only very excited, but also very happy.
As for the cookie story – lets just preface this by saying, we’ve all been there and done something similar.
Tony was mixing the batter for the sugar cookies which called for four egg yolks. Instead he added four whole eggs. I realized what he did only after he had beaten them in. “Well, egg whites make things fluffier, soooo maybe they’ll just be fluffy sugar cookies” I said. Once the batter was all mixed we realized that they were way too runny to be any kind of cookie, even after adding some more flour. Actually it was about the consistency of cake batter. So I poured some into a bread pan and we baked it. I think it came out pretty good. Tony didn’t like it at all. Maybe when I get home today, I’ll put some chocolate frosting on it. At any rate, he calls it the Christmas cookie mistake, but I like to think of it as my own little Christmas miracle. (Yeah, I know. Gag. Get over it.)


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