Snow & Life

December 9, 2005

Have you ever noticed how bad wheather brings on other bad luck? We in the midwest just got about 10 inches of snow dumped on us in about 5 hours yesterday. All of today I heard stories about fozen pipes bursting, or car accidents (no brainer) or other bad luck. Myself included. I was on my way to a job interview when Stella started making a really high pitched squealing noise. If she was a pig, it would have been a slaughter from the sounds of her. I pulled to the shoulder just past an exit ramp, turned off the car and of course called my interview to say I wasn’t going to make it.I looked under the hood and saw light wisps of smoke coming out, but not from my radiator or anyother important looking parts so I backed up on the shoulder to the exit ramp to get off. As I’m going up the exit ramp the squealing got louder, then stopped all together. To be honest, this worried me more than anything else. I pulled into a gas station, popped the hood again and my best guess as to what was wrong was confirmed. The belt for the automatic stearing and AC had snapped. At least I was pretty certain it was that belt. I pulled out my haines manual and proceeded to flip though it looking for confirmation. I had replaced a belt when I first got the car, and I was pretty sure this was the same belt, but I wanted to be certain. If this was the belt I was thinking it was, I knew my car would run just fine without it. The car didn’t come with power steering pump, so the belt was of little consequence – as is the AC this time of year.
After about 15 minutes, I patted myself on the back and called back my interview. I explained what had happened and asked if I could still come in. I was granted permission, and I was once again on my way to Lisle. I got there only 5 minutes late and was handed an application to fill out. This was the wierdest application I’d ever encountered. I would have understood if a personality test had been attached. I should mention here that the interview was for a photography or image editing position. Instead, at the back was a grammer test and a math test. I felt like I was back in jr. high and had just been issued a pop quiz. But finally I finished and was admitted into the interview.
It really sucks that I have this budget I have to meet, and that in order to meet this budget I have to make so much per hour and still be able to keep my job at the school. The reason this sucks so much is because its about $2/hr more than anyone is willing to pay. Oh, I want this job so bad. This is a job I could be happy at. This is a job I could grow in. This is also a job that is most likely not going to happen because even if they offer it to me, I probably won’t be able to accept it, unless a miricle happens and a full time position opens up at Tony’s job. Oh well. Certain things are not meant to be and obviously, me getting away from the paper is one of them. Happy bad wheather.

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