Groundhog’s day & Black holes

December 16, 2005

I swear, I’m either trapped inside groundhog day, or a black hole. Personally I’m leaning toward the black hole, but there is a certain Bill Murray-ness about my job at the paper – same shit, different day.
I just got a rejection email from the job I really really wanted. Big surprise. I’ve been getting rejection letters/phone calls/emails/no replies with a consistency that is overwhelmingly discouraging. The only job I’ve been offered recently was one I stupidly turned down because I thought I’d have to quit my second job to take it which would have meant bankruptcy. Found out after I had turned it down that I was wrong – such is life. I’m an idiot and I should not expect second chances when I’m not smart enough to take first and only chances, right? Such is life.
Hey, I should stop bitching right? After all, I am employed.


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