The Weekend

This blog was from August 30, ’05.

Saturady night I shot my first portrait session all by myself. GAWD! It was a stress-fest. I thought after my training session, I was prepared, but just like any job, there are some things you can only learn as you do them. Troubleshooting is one of them. And I had plenty of trouble. And for the record. I HATE DIGITAL CAMERAS! Yet at the same time, I am strangly attracted to them. Kind of like a car wreck. The other thing I hadn’t banked on was how much pain I would be in by the end of the evening. No chair to sit in at the computer table this time, so I was leaning over it a lot and my back was killing me. Also, I need to take up lifting weights. All that equipment is so freakin’ heavy!
But Sunday (my birthday) was great. We had a big family barbeque (there are five birthday all within a three-day span) and I spent the day in the pool. Bliss.
This time next week, I’ll be on my way to St. Louis to see the Cubbies play the Cards! Woo Hoo. Then it will be a whole week of being spoiled by mom and dad. I can’t wait!


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