My Vacation So Far…

September 8, ’05
Well, Tuesday was an incredible day. We drove from Lockport to St. Louis is two cars so that Laurie, Tony and Don could all head back home after the ballgame and I could continue on to my parents. Laurie and I were car dancing to some really fun music on the way down and the guys accused us of looking like bobble-heads. At least we were capable of holding a steady speed. Ha! Anyways, got to Busch Stadium, payed only $10 for parking and found out that we had REALLY good seats. The bleacher seats are straight across from home plate and with my super spy lens on my camera we were able to see quite a bit. It was an awsome game. The Cubs led the whole time, the Cardinalls gave us all a good scare in the 8th but the boys in blue rallied and we won 5 to 2. This in no way shape or form affects our standing (we still have no chance at the World Series this year) and it didn’t really hurt the RedBirds too much and thoughout the whole game the Cards fans had been great. But… there’s always a but. At the end of the game Tony was holding up a sign that he had made (We are pilgrams in an unholy land – Go Cubs!) and this jerk comes over and slaps it out of his hands. Tony calmly picked the sign back up, but the freak JUMPED on the sign and tried to take a bite out of it! Yes folks, he BIT the sign. What the F***! Then his loser friend actually threw beer on Tony (and a few of the rest of us) and ran, yelling over his shoulder “What’re ya gonna do about it? Huh? Come get me!” I was so proud of my Tony. He calmly rolled up his bitten sign, came down to were I was trying to get us all to pose for a picture (which we never got by the by). I know he and Don both wanted to kill the guy and I’m glad they didn’t because we all probably would have ended up in the St. Louis slammer. And that really would have sucked even worse because when we got back to the cars, I discovered that I had locked my keys in the truck. Thank heaven for dad’s because be gave me the acct. # for his Texaco Star Club and they sent a locksmith.
The rest of the V has been great though. My mom and I have hit the antique shops and the outlet malls and had a lot of fun. Looking forward to more shopping tomarrow!
Night to all from Boondocks, MO. (JK)


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