Going’s on

September 16 ’05

Well, vacation was wonderful. I had a blast shopping with my mom and spending her money. Who doesn’t enjoy that? And then I got back to work and discovered that my boss had put me in for a raise and I got it! Only 2% but it felt soooo good to realize that maybe she had noticed all the extra work I’ve been putting in.

Also, we (Tony, me and the cats) have a temporary roommate. Tony’s friend Don is staying with us until he can find an apartment of his own. It’s a lot like being den mother to a couple boys who play on the computer and watch TV all day (when they’re not working that is). On the plus side though, Don cooks (better than me) from time to time and he even helps with dishes! It’ll be interesting to see how long the “sleepover” atmosphere lasts before the bickering begins.


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