Gas Guzzlers

October 26, 2005

It’s amazing what animals people can be. I stopped for gas today on my way into work. The price of gas was an amazing $2.39/gallon as compared with everyone else in the area who’s at about $2.59. Obviously there was a car at every pump, so I pulled in behind a car that was waiting for one to open. Someone pulled up behind me, and then people started going around us cutting into line in an effort to get to the pump first. I was annoyed but decided that the best course of action would be to just choose a line and pull up and wait. Well, on the opposite side of the island both spaces opened up. The only way for me to get there was to go around. The person behind me goes to pull into the first space because her pump was on the other side of the car. Instead of stopping at the first space though, she continues to pull forward and looks surprised when she sees me coming around the end of the island. Okay, a little miss communication. But does she back up? No. She sits there indecisively between the two pumps, so I had to cut around her and pull in at such an awkward angle that the pump cord almost didn’t reach. Yes, I got my gas, and yes you’re wondering what I’m whining about, but seriously, a little common courtesy at the pumps please. There is NOT a gas shortage and your time is no more precious than the other people waiting. In fact, I was a half hour late for work; I’d be willing to guess that everyone else was on their way home for the day. Secondly, watch out for the cars that are smaller than you. Contrary to popular belief, driving right over them is not okay. I almost got creamed like three different times by gas guzzling SUV’s in the same parking lot.

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